Securing your open-source software supply chain with Tidelift catalogs

“With catalogs, part of the Tidelift Subscription, companies get a comprehensive approach to curating, tracking, and managing their open-source components. This works whether you’re using other group’s open-source programs or your own “inner-source” code. Here’s how:……”

Building Trust and Community on the Web with Sebastiaan van der Lans

Episode 10
In this episode, I bring on Sebastiaan van der Lans who is looking to harness blockchain and open source technologies to infuse trust and community into the connection. Sebastiaan is the founder of the Van Ons, Netherlands largest wordpress digital agency and Wordproof, a timestamp blockchain technology revolutionizing the notion of how we verify content on the web.

*Fight for a trustworthy web *Wordpress is responsible for 39% of all websites
*The future is in open source technologies and communities
*Stakeholders are lost in building technology for profit over purpose
*Wordpress and blockchain
*The Internet has a deep-rooted issue which is trust
*The Internet should offer transparency and accountability
*Blockchain and Timestamping
*Worker Proposal System
*European Commission’s Blockchains for Social Good initiative
*What will open source technologies look like in 2025?

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