A Conversation with Cybernetician Javier Livas Cantu

Episode 7
New episode from The Emergence Podcast. My first interview which I enjoyed. The first in many to come to engage w/ thought leaders and the intellectually curious around the ideas of bringing more purpose into the human connection. #TheEmergence #Cybernetics

Note: My apologies to the people of Chile for repeatedly mispronouncing Chilean. Parts of my brain shuts down when I engage like this. LOL


Introduction To The Emergence

Episode 1
What is possible when we are connected and in control is the question asked in this introduction to The Emergence podcast hosted by podcaster and essayist, J. Paul Duplantis. J. Paul paints the picture of a world heavily influenced by centralized forces controlling the flow of information but at the same time identifies a path forward to reverse these trends by securing user data rights, building frameworks to securely manage user data, harness the potential of decentralized AI, and to create an emergent application layer to tap into the potential of a connected user base. A setup to inspire conversations and commentary on future episodes with innovative thinkers to help build a more purposeful connection between people, businesses, and governments.

*The Tools
*User Data Rights
*The Frameworks
* The AI Layer
*The Application Layer
*Training and Therapy Applications
*Collaboration Applications
*Information Discovery Applications
*What If the Status Quo
*We are Divided

Essay: Introduction to The Emergence

An essay and theemergence.io podcast introduction 
by J. Paul Duplantis

Welcome to the inaugural episode of The Emergence asking the question – what is possible when we are connected and in control?

My name is J.Paul Duplantis and I am a podcaster and essayist on the intersection between technology and human interests. I am on a mission to create awareness, help identify, and help build technologies to tap into human potential by removing barriers within the flow of information. I am not on the left. I am not on the right. I am curious and I believe communication technology can do a better job of uniting more than dividing to create a better environment for progress for all without sacrificing the innovative spirit of the free market.

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A Conversation on Solid PODS and Direct Democracy

An essay by J. Paul Duplantis

I recently ran across a study and use case on using Personalized Online Data Stores (PODS) to help the citizens of Flanders, Belgium communicate more effectively with their representative government. Having followed the progress of Solid PODS over the last couple of years and an advocate for decentralizing the web and applications serving the web, I had reached out to the team to see how their technology may one day allow citizens to securely engage with legislation directly. 

Direct Democracy is not a new concept and has been experimented with since Athenian democracy in the 5th century BC but the represented have never had the toolset to engage with the inner workings of government in real-time regardless of their location until now. Yet even though the technology is currently possible; the network, AI layer, and application layer remain a toolset outside of user control compromising the relationship between user data and government data. But recently a major push to decentralize this toolset by companies such as Inrupt with their Solid POD framework and Singularitynet’s decentralized AI framework will begin to move controls over to the user.  

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Emergent Innovation ~ The Next Frontier 

Emergent Innovation

An essay by J. Paul Duplantis | 1/13/2020

“Emergent Innovation is synonymous with breakthroughs, disruption, radical ideas, paradigm-shifting results, raw novelty, and market creation.” ~~FreshConsulting.com

A list of 20 current Emergent Innovators can be found below this essay

Look around. They could be in your community. At your workplace sitting next to you. Across the field at the baseball stadium. At your church. In the ghetto. At your child’s play. Across your dinner table. Who or what is it? A person, group or organization with an innovative approach to thinking or a game-changer of an idea to help improve the human condition to emerge from a marketplace of ideas to make a difference if given the chance.

Innovations to;

  • Create better opportunities for self-actualization
  • Promote a cleaner environment
  • Improve physical and mental health
  • Improve understanding between people and communities
  • Increase the value of the exchange in the free market by bringing more people into the benefits of it.

Of course, emergent innovations are not only the domain of improving the human condition as products can be improved upon and productivity increased to help the bottom line. But to me and hopefully many others, the concept of emergence speaks better to a role of innovation serving something greater than only a bottom line. 

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