Response Essay to Mitzi Laszlo’s The Missing Puzzle Piece

I wrote a brief essay in response to a very interesting article written by Mitzi Laszlo titled:

The Missing Puzzle Piece: it’s time for the institutional and digital to intertwine

For those of you interested in securing our digital rights in the future, I encourage you to read her article.

What follows is my response:


I very much agree with your premise on the necessity of a universal data identifier to take the flow of information out of the hands of corporate interests but I guess, as they say, the devil is in the details. To begin with, I wonder if there is a consideration to encode the IDs to incorporate country, state, and municipality zones to localize the identification protocol and to possibly allow the ability to manage ID clusters through local public institutions.

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Emergent Innovation ~ The Next Frontier 

Emergent Innovation

An essay by J. Paul Duplantis | 1/13/2020

“Emergent Innovation is synonymous with breakthroughs, disruption, radical ideas, paradigm-shifting results, raw novelty, and market creation.”

A list of 20 current Emergent Innovators can be found below this essay

Look around. They could be in your community. At your workplace sitting next to you. Across the field at the baseball stadium. At your church. In the ghetto. At your child’s play. Across your dinner table. Who or what is it? A person, group or organization with an innovative approach to thinking or a game-changer of an idea to help improve the human condition to emerge from a marketplace of ideas to make a difference if given the chance.

Innovations to;

  • Create better opportunities for self-actualization
  • Promote a cleaner environment
  • Improve physical and mental health
  • Improve understanding between people and communities
  • Increase the value of the exchange in the free market by bringing more people into the benefits of it.

Of course, emergent innovations are not only the domain of improving the human condition as products can be improved upon and productivity increased to help the bottom line. But to me and hopefully many others, the concept of emergence speaks better to a role of innovation serving something greater than only a bottom line. 

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