New IBM Research Means We Could Soon Train Neural Networks on a Smartphone

“The neural networks that power today’s AI are incredibly powerful, but training them can require entire server farms and huge amounts of energy. A new approach from IBM suggests we may be able to slash that dramatically by reducing the number of bits used to carry out their calculations.”……

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Introduction To The Emergence

Episode 1
What is possible when we are connected and in control is the question asked in this introduction to The Emergence podcast hosted by podcaster and essayist, J. Paul Duplantis. J. Paul paints the picture of a world heavily influenced by centralized forces controlling the flow of information but at the same time identifies a path forward to reverse these trends by securing user data rights, building frameworks to securely manage user data, harness the potential of decentralized AI, and to create an emergent application layer to tap into the potential of a connected user base. A setup to inspire conversations and commentary on future episodes with innovative thinkers to help build a more purposeful connection between people, businesses, and governments.

*The Tools
*User Data Rights
*The Frameworks
* The AI Layer
*The Application Layer
*Training and Therapy Applications
*Collaboration Applications
*Information Discovery Applications
*What If the Status Quo
*We are Divided