New IBM Research Means We Could Soon Train Neural Networks on a Smartphone

“The neural networks that power today’s AI are incredibly powerful, but training them can require entire server farms and huge amounts of energy. A new approach from IBM suggests we may be able to slash that dramatically by reducing the number of bits used to carry out their calculations.”……

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Taylor Guitars is now completely owned by its employees

Acoustic guitar giant Taylor has announced its transition to 100% employee ownership. “We have delighted in giving people the joy of music and hope to do so for generations to come,” said Bob Taylor, co-founder and President of Taylor Guitars.

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87-Year-Old Man’s Lifelong Dream Of Hiking The Grand Canyon Made Possible Through VR

“But thanks to Rendever—a company that partners with senior living communities across the USA and Canada to combat social isolation using VR, along with Wish of a Lifetime from AARP—Hetrick was able to overcome those obstacles and virtually hike the Grand Canyon alongside his wife and son.”

Securing your open-source software supply chain with Tidelift catalogs

“With catalogs, part of the Tidelift Subscription, companies get a comprehensive approach to curating, tracking, and managing their open-source components. This works whether you’re using other group’s open-source programs or your own “inner-source” code. Here’s how:……”