Emergence: the process of coming into being, or of becoming important or prominent. (to oneself, work, family, and community)

The mission of The Emergence is to identify people, systems of thought, technologies, and funding sources working toward a decentralized, secure, read/writeable, collaborative, filterable, open, and verifiable approach to connecting ideas and skill sets outside the influence of centralized control.  A mission to harness technology to help all people more effectively emerge into a free market of ideas, labor, and commerce. To become more purposeful within the connection to drive the market rather than be driven by it. 

Currently, the connection is represented as a collection of pages, posts, applications, data, and media files under the centralized control of Big Tech, ISP’s, content providers, and ad networks wielding influence over what the user sees, watches, hears, and reads. A connection monetizing user awareness by optimizing experiences for quantity over quality and depth of engagement pushing down on the potential of the people connected.

What is possible if people were in control of the experiences they created, found, and shared without fear of outside influence or breach of trust?  To rethink the purpose of information as more of a tool wielded by people to build better societies rather than tools to influence people. Currently, tools are being built and a movement is underway to begin to move these controls to the users through decentralized frameworks and better applications to serve the interests of the users. Unfortunately these efforts remain under the radar of a collective mindset as disparate pieces of a puzzle are assembled. 

It is the mission of The Emergence to increase awareness of these efforts through the reach of this podcast and potentially serve as a spark to help unify these disparate elements into the zeitgeist of technology and human interests.  We are at the dawn of a new era of innovation emerging deep from within society to inspire a more purposeful human connection to potentially reduce societal costs, increase societal health, and most importantly provide a better balance between the will of the people, business, and government.  We now have the toolset to achieve this better reality but the question remains how many will have the temerity to help push this forward. 

How many politicians will fight for legislation to secure data rights for their constituents? How many investors will fund projects to increase the quality of engagement coming from the connection? How many technologists will choose to build tools with purpose as much as profit in mind? How many communities will push for better access to these tools for their members? And most importantly, how many people from all walks of life will embrace tools that reach deeper into their potential? 

This is at the core of this mission. To surface these people, these ideas, these innovations, and efforts from these communities into public consciousness from what is swimming underneath. To bring more capabilities and diverse interests into the market and into society from a broader swath of people to strengthen the core of what makes up the human experience. Where strength and opportunity resonate from deep within rather than gathering and influencing from above.