Exploring the Potential of Connected Communities

Episode 11
Stream of thought episode on what is possible when we move our focus toward building a better connection between people, resources, and commerce within our local and virtual communities. To focus on the potential of labor, small businesses, the arts, science, and people in the communities we engage with. To find people building tools and rendering systems of thought to   

Worker Coops
Elon Musk Tesla Stock
Douglas Engelbart Bootstrapping
Small Business Renaissance

Building Trust and Community on the Web with Sebastiaan van der Lans

Episode 10
In this episode, I bring on Sebastiaan van der Lans who is looking to harness blockchain and open source technologies to infuse trust and community into the connection. Sebastiaan is the founder of the Van Ons, Netherlands largest wordpress digital agency and Wordproof, a timestamp blockchain technology revolutionizing the notion of how we verify content on the web.

*Fight for a trustworthy web *Wordpress is responsible for 39% of all websites
*The future is in open source technologies and communities
*Stakeholders are lost in building technology for profit over purpose
*Wordpress and blockchain
*The Internet has a deep-rooted issue which is trust
*The Internet should offer transparency and accountability
*Blockchain and Timestamping
*Worker Proposal System
*European Commission’s Blockchains for Social Good initiative
*What will open source technologies look like in 2025?

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Exploring the Connection and Human Potential with Tim McLain

Episode 9
On this episode I bring on my good friend Tim McLain to discuss the role and future of the connection as it relates to discovery and how it could provide fuel to tap into human potential. Tim has a background in Technology, Art, and Music and over the last 15 years, we have been working on and discussing the toolset to help light the spark to ignite more purpose in the human condition.

*Are we supposed to have quantity of life or quality-of-life.
*It seems like the expectation of the quantity from the provider is stepping on the quality of the potential of the stakeholder
*Tim Berners Lee frustrated with where the web is going 
*Mark Nadal – Peer to Peer vs. Domain connection 
*The utopian vision. Theoretical vs. Practical 
*Javier *Javier Livas Cantu – Cybernetics and Centralized Control 
*Dougals Engelbart and the death of his NLS System in favor of the localized PC. 
*If we want to have better information sorry we are going to want to do a little more work. 
*Police reform and George Floyd 

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Building a Better Future Through a Decentralized Connection with GunDB Founder Mark Nadal

Episode 8
Join J. Paul Duplantis and Mark Nadal on a 2 hour deep dive into Mark’s work with ERA, Inc and his GunDB framework to help build a better future through a peer to peer decentralized connection.

*Gun DB
*AXE (Advanced Exchange Equation) Algorithm
*New Economic models beyond Capitalism and Socialism
*Building a new type of connection through browser extensions
*D.Tube Meething Video Conferencing
*The Marginalized Consumer
*Mark Benioff (Salesforce) Tim Draper (Draper Associates) Mozilla

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A Conversation with Cybernetician Javier Livas Cantu

Episode 7
New episode from The Emergence Podcast. My first interview which I enjoyed. The first in many to come to engage w/ thought leaders and the intellectually curious around the ideas of bringing more purpose into the human connection. #TheEmergence #Cybernetics

Note: My apologies to the people of Chile for repeatedly mispronouncing Chilean. Parts of my brain shuts down when I engage like this. LOL


Exploring Human Potential

Episode 6
Join host J. Paul Duplantis as he discusses Exploring Human Potential while standing next to the Verde River in Cottonwood, Arizona. Asking the questions….. Is the free market truly exercising the potential of labor? What could technology do to tap into this potential? What barriers are in place limiting the flow of this potential between people, business, and governments? Links- Vivienne Ming Socos Labs – https://socos.org/