The Emergent Web

Episode 12 | The Emergent Web is an essay I had written before launching The Emergence Podcast I believe speaks well to the history and potential of a connection better serving the interests of more of the people connected.

We have to ask ourselves will society more likely benefit from the convenience of the masses or the deeper interactions of the individual? Now that the technology exists to pull this off isn’t the best investment to make the ones we make in ourselves. What better way to strengthen the core of this than through an emergent and purposeful connection.

Vannevar Bush As We May Think
Douglas Engelbart Mother of All Demos & NLS System
Ted Nelson Xanadu
Tim Berners Lee Solid Framework
Sugata Mitra Educational Researcher


Douglas Engelbart Mother of All Demos (

Google Talk with Douglas Engelbart (

Sugata Mitra The Hole in the Wall Project and the Power of Self-Organized Learning (

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