Building a Better Future Through a Decentralized Connection with GunDB Founder Mark Nadal

Episode 8
Join J. Paul Duplantis and Mark Nadal on a 2 hour deep dive into Mark’s work with ERA, Inc and his GunDB framework to help build a better future through a peer to peer decentralized connection.

*Gun DB
*AXE (Advanced Exchange Equation) Algorithm
*New Economic models beyond Capitalism and Socialism
*Building a new type of connection through browser extensions
*D.Tube Meething Video Conferencing
*The Marginalized Consumer
*Mark Benioff (Salesforce) Tim Draper (Draper Associates) Mozilla



The AXE (Advanced Exchange Equation) Algorithm

Meething Video Conferencing

Regulating Monopolies, Open Sourcing Uber, and Dreaming Big with Mark Nadal (

Opt out of Money for Fun and Profit – Presentation (

Pomp Podcast (

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