Solid PODS ~ Applications in Development

I will begin to highlight applications using the Solid Framework as I come across examples. This Month in Solid appears to be a great source for new apps hitting the ecosystem. Below are the apps covered in an online presentation hosted by Mitzi Laszlo for May 2020. The content below comes from You can find the video stream here at

Increasing awareness around decentralized technologies is a major focus on this blog and my upcoming podcast.  Always open to new tech to feature so please feel free to contact me with ideas.

In the first talk, Christian Buggedei presented Darcy, a social network that knows nothing about you. Of note, Darcy recently won a Mozilla grant. You can find the Darcy source code here. Christian Buggedei is a founder and technology expert.

In the second talk, Walter Almeida presented GO for modeling and generating Solid apps quickly with minimum code. He demonstrated the GO connector between Pod and SPARQL endpoints using a location tracking Solid app that leverages DBpedia as a data source for countries and places. You can find the Go location app source code on GitHub.

In the third talk, Manoharan Ramachandran presented the Solid app built by Open University’s blockchain team, looking into how to support immunity passports as mentioned by the UK government daily briefings. The Solid app facilitates the instant verification of tamper-proof test results whilst preserving privacy.

In the fourth talk, Glen Simister presented the DVO Profile Manager, a public profile (or resume), which anyone can create for free, and update. DVO Profile Manager works in conjunction with the DVO Toolbar, a browser extension which allows people to like, dislike, and comment on any URL. You can find the DVO Profile Manager source code on GitHub.

In the fifth talk, Michiel de Jong presented his latest experiment, SNAP on Solid, explaining how Solid inboxes can be used as the messaging layer for Network Ledger Technology. Check out the SNAP source code on GitHub.Solid Emblem

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