Immersive learning: the power of enhanced reality


Phil Birchinall, senior director of immersive content at Discovery Education, on how true immersion enriches the learning experience

How many of us have been present at the dawn (or recurring dawn) of a new technology or approach, excited by the promise it holds and certain, deep in our minds, that this device or service is special, harbouring the power to transform teaching and learning? Gazing into the crystal ball and emerging with the right answer is one of technology’s most complex tricks.

History shows us that the answer is rarely ‘no’. We are all too convinced by our own enthusiasm that we assume is shared by every teacher around the globe, and so we push our chosen platforms and technologies with tweets and impassioned speeches. This Darwinian ‘survival of the fittest’ is a constant and necessary process to refine and select those that can really make a difference.

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