The Age of Surveillance Capitalism

Twit Show – Triangulation – Episode 380
Very interesting podcast on “The Age of Surveillance Capitalism” where the wonder of the possibilities of the 90’s has turned into the reality of Affective Computing. Shoshana Zuboff nails it when she says..
“Now we are way beyond targeted ads where we are delving into every aspect of your experience and your behavior. Now it turns out that there is a third big discovery and that is it’s not just scale and it’s not just scope, the most predictive surplus comes from actually intervening in your activities to shape and nudge and tool and herd you into specific directions that lead you to commercial outcomes that Surveillance Capitalism’s business customers are paying for.”
Until we build tools to put the power of discovery back into our own hands, I fear we are going to continue down this slippery slope without anything to grab onto.
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